What is

activity Centre?
Amma nana Activity Centre is a one-stop school for activity and learning. We accompany your child’s development with stimulating activities including music, dance, physical activities or arts in a caring and safe environment.

What do we offer

The After school Activities Program provides a wide variety of activities suited to our student’s interests and abilities, above and beyond the regular school day. This program is designed for the benefit and well-being of all of our students, as well as to build a sense of school community and school spirit.

Some examples of the activities offered to children include:

Arts and crafts, Yoga, karate, math club, classical dance, classical music, abacus, western dance and service learning. The programs are offered on different days of the week.

Carnatic Music

Carnatic Vocal music is the classical music of Southern India. Amma nana Academy provides the unique opportunity for students everywhere to learn Carnatic music through a highly structured curriculum.


Literally meaning ’empty hand’, Karate is one of the most traditional martial arts.Your child will learn kicking, striking and defensive blocking with his arms and legs. There is a big emphasis on mental attitude and courtesy.

Vocal Training

Learning music could be quite vital for your child. Many researches have shown that learning music greatly improve your kids’ performance in academics as well as in other areas. These studies have further shown that learning music can make your kids smarter. While learning a song, dance step or a musical instrument your child experiences the unique integration of body and mind.

Keyboard Instrument

From classical to new age music, Piano and Keyboards can be found almost anywhere. Learning piano / Keyboard are also one of the best musical foundations you can have. We offer group Keyboard lessons for students. We believe that this is an ideal ages to start their journey in music. We have developed a special approach to teaching our students in a fun yet professional way.


The early stages of training involve learning the basic steps, called adavus, and movements of the dance. These elements are the building blocks for subsequent, more advanced, sequences of dance. The exercises condition the body for the unique postures of Bharatanatyam. They also develop the student’s sense of rhythm. Having a fit and flexible physique allows a student to learn quickly; otherwise the fitness and flexibility will have to be developed over time.


More than just a game, chess provides a unique perspective on life. At Amma Nana Academy we teach kids not only how to become better players, but also how to take a strategic approach to life’s challenges. Whether you win, draw, or lose there is always an opportunity to learn and improve.


Yoga for children is a form of modern yoga designed for children. It includes poses to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. Classes are intended to be fun and may include age-appropriate games, animal sounds and creative names for poses.

The benefits for children are similar to those for adults. Emotional benefits include greater optimism and a less reactive nature. Mental benefits including increased focus, concentration and improvements in the quality of sleep have been reported.


Academic performance improves, along with confidence in physical abilities. Yoga is used for the treatment of children with special needs, and to aid conventional medical treatment.